Going to Bethesda on Sunday

by manager

Matt's surgery and dialysis both went well today and he is still scheduled to fly to Maryland on Sunday. The surgeons were able to close some wounds to his bladder and he is responding well. Although Matt is still heavily sedated he has been opening his eyes a little today and we hope he is aware that we are here with him. Unless something changes overnight, Dale will fly with him, and Carolyn and Claudia will be leaving around the same time on a commercial flight.

Matt had a visitor today. Brian Mignano, the father of Matt's good friend Kyle, works in Nuremburg just a few hours away and was able to come by for a little while today. He came up to see Matt then took the three of us out to dinner in down town Landstuhl. We are not sure if Matt was aware of his visit but we will be sure to tell Matt about his visit once he is out of sedation.

We'll let you know how the flight goes and update you from Bethesda when we get settled in there.

Thank you again for all of your prayers.

The Lembke's