Bethesda, Day 4

by claudia

I was feeling pretty down this morning but when I got to the ICU we received some encouraging news. After having to wear gowns, gloves and masks each time we entered Matt's room, we were told that was no longer necessary. His numbers look good today and the high risk of infection has subsided for now. We were able to touch him without rubber gloves on. Wahoo!! It's a little thing but it meant a lot to us. The trauma team was making the rounds so we also got an update from one of the head doctors. He seemed very happy with Matt's progress today and told us he had a video conference with the doctors from Afghanistan and Landstuhl, Germany. He relayed our appreciation to the doctors there for the miraculous job they did getting Matt this far. We are also trying to get the name of the medic that virtually saved Matt's life and we will pass that info on as soon as we get it. Matt is still heavily sedated and will remain that way until after his surgery tomorrow but the plan is to lower the sedation over the weekend. Thank you for your continued prayers. They're working!