Friday at Bethesda

by carolyn

I think we're all feeling a little worn down today... Matt's surgery went fine, he was in the operating room for a shorter amount of time than he has been before. Since he was operated on today, he's obviously back to being very heavily sedated. I know that it's not a step backwards - his body needs that right now - but after seeing him moving and opening his eyes a few days ago, I guess it feels like we've stalled. They did work on his left hand today. He had some fractures in two of his fingers.

Everyone around here is gearing up for 4th of July weekend and its starting to feel like a ghost town. I actually wouldn't mind it being quiet around here for the weekend - everyday we have to meet new people and it gets exhausting (everyone's very nice but all the small talk with strangers is wearing me out.) All the businesses are either closing down for the weekend, or closing early.... hmmm, wondering what we're going to do for dinner...?

Well, no actual "news" today... better luck over the weekend! :)