Semper Fi, Matt!

by manager

Semper Fi, Matt!

The current military actions in Afghanistan are possible from the sacrifices made by Matt and his fellow Marines in active duty these past months. In honor of the many Marines, and their families, who are following Matt's progress via Dateline Matt, an additional web address has been set up:

This web address will redirect to the original so you are welcome to use either address. The name was chosen as it may be easier for his fellow Marines to remember.

Please share these addresses and feel free to post comments to the family and friends as they bravely struggle through these difficult times with Matt recovering from his injuries. To post a comment, simply click on "comments" under the post paragraph, scrolling down to the comment box after the last post. The family is finding great comfort in the community and support of the website and its kind contributors.

We salute the men and women serving in our Armed Forces. God bless their efforts.

Respectfully submitted,
Managers, Dateline Matt