Update, 8/5/09

by claudia

These past six weeks have been a blur and we are heart broken by this tragedy. We are still in shock and can't even imagine what life will be like without Matthew here with us. The prayers, love and support sent our way by family, friends, neighbors, church members, coworkers, Marines and other military families have been beyond anything we would have expected. People we have never met but have heard about our situation through word of mouth or media, have reached out to us as well. We so appreciate all of the people who traveled here to comfort and console us and for all of those who have sent letters and cards. Throughout this process we have heard many wonderful and funny stories about Matt that we may not have heard otherwise. We are still sorting through the pile of mail and hope to respond appropriately in the near future. In the meantime we just wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate the hugs, visits, phone calls, meals, flowers, donations and numerous other kind gestures. We know time will help ease our pain and our faith gives us the knowledge that we will see Matthew again.

With love and gratitude,

Dale, Claudia & Carolyn