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Tough Day, 7/8/09

by claudia

The outcome of Matt's surgery this morning was not as good as we had hoped. An aggressive infection has set in. Please continue to pray for Matthew.

7/7/09 Update

by carolyn

We kind of had an uplifting day today. Two Marines stopped by this afternoon to visit Matt and we got a chance to talk with them and I think all three of us had a nice sigh of relief afterwards. One of the Marines, Marcus, was in Matt's platoon on his first deployment to Iraq (where Marcus had been injured) and the other one, Jeremy, had only heard of Matt but just came by to offer support. Both of these guys had been badly injured, and are both still at the neighboring hospital Walter Reed, but were standing there with us, telling us of other Marines and soldiers who have sustained similar injuries and have come out on the other side strong. After talking with them and seeing how well they were doing I think we all felt our spirits were lifted a little. Also, (can't say this enough for those Marines!) seeing how they all support each other and root for each other is really great. Matt really has a tight family in the Marines, and I feel encouraged they they will help him get through the tough parts.

Hehe, had to laugh.... the next place they move these guys to after ICU is up on the 5th floor, so all I keep hearing about from other people coming in and out of the ICU waiting room is that they're moving on to the '5th floor'.... must be a magical place! :) People we've run into tell us they'll come visit him on the 5th floor when he gets there. So now all I keep thinking now is "gotta get to the 5th floor! gotta get to the 5th floor!" hehe, ahhh it's the little things. Cross your fingers - maybe we'll be going up to the 5th floor soon!

My uncle Don and uncle Steve are coming to visit tomorrow. We're not sure if they'll be able to come see Matt yet, but it will be nice to have some familiar faces around!

Matt Update, July 6, 2009

by claudia

Matt's surgery this morning went well and the surgeon was pleased with what he saw. The mix of drugs keeps Matt in a haze but during our evening visit he seemed a little more alert and squeezed each of our hands a few times. He will be going back for more surgery on Wednesday so the doctors can keep a good watch on the wounds and hopefully stay ahead of any infection and we expect him to remain in the ICU through this week.

We received a package today from my Uncle John and Aunt Miriam which contained Holy Water from Lourdes and St. Ann's Oil for anoiting of the sick. We blessed Matt with the Holy Water and anoited him with the oil while praying for him tonight in his room. We definitely believe in the power of prayer and know that all the prayers being offered on his behalf have sustained him so far.

Holiday Weekend, Bethesda

by claudia

Matt has had the weekend off from surgeries but will be back in the O.R. Monday morning. They have cut way back on the sedation drugs but he is still in a daze. We are so anxious to get some type of recognition out of him but he has had such a mix of drugs that he is having trouble cutting through the fog. We know we need to be patient as his body recovers from the trauma and the drugs but it's hard.

We were able to attend Mass this morning right here at the chapel at the medical center. It's funny how sometimes the readings are just what we needed to hear and today was another example of a time I felt the Word was speaking directly to me. The theme of the readings was all about faith; to consider the value of faith, the necessity of faith, if we are to expect God's work in our midst.

Independence Day 09, Bethesda

by dale

(also posted on Facebook)

Matt makes me laugh - I can't wait to get him back......soon.

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