Bethesda Update, 1st Day

by manager

From Carolyn:
I think last night was the first actual full night of sleep for all of us. His surgeries for today are for the doctors here to look at his injuries, wash them out and see what they're fully dealing with, and I believe they're going to try to patch some stuff up today. (sorry, its kind of vague... we're not completely clear ourselves)

He'll be seen by a lot of different surgeons today as well; orthopedic, plastic, list goes on and on. I think they're going to take a look at his arm as well (several fractures on his left arm).

Going to Bethesda on Sunday

by manager

Matt's surgery and dialysis both went well today and he is still scheduled to fly to Maryland on Sunday. The surgeons were able to close some wounds to his bladder and he is responding well. Although Matt is still heavily sedated he has been opening his eyes a little today and we hope he is aware that we are here with him. Unless something changes overnight, Dale will fly with him, and Carolyn and Claudia will be leaving around the same time on a commercial flight.

Matt had a visitor today. Brian Mignano, the father of Matt's good friend Kyle, works in Nuremburg just a few hours away and was able to come by for a little while today. He came up to see Matt then took the three of us out to dinner in down town Landstuhl. We are not sure if Matt was aware of his visit but we will be sure to tell Matt about his visit once he is out of sedation.

We'll let you know how the flight goes and update you from Bethesda when we get settled in there.

Thank you again for all of your prayers.

The Lembke's

Grateful Thanks

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We are so grateful to you and many others who have added Matt to their prayer group. The prayers and God's healing hand are what he needs most right now.


Dear Family & Friends

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Just a quick update. We arrived in Frankfurt, Germany this morning and were met by two Marines at the gate. They took us directly to the hospital in Landstuhl to have a quick meeting with the doctors and then to see Matt. He is stable for now with good vitals but he has extensive abdominal injuries which are still being assessed. He is still heavily sedated and will probably remain that way until he gets to Bethesda. If all goes well he is scheduled to be on a military transport plane on Sunday and Dale will most likely accompany him on that trip. Claudia & Carolyn will most likely fly back on a commercial plane. The medical staff here is top notch and are taking good care of him. We are staying at temporary family housing right on the base just a short walk to the hospital. We have been told there is a similar set up at Bethesda. Matt has a long road ahead to recovery but we know that with the love and support of family and friends, and with his strength and fortitude, he will get better. Thank you for your prayers and we will continue to update.

The Lembke Family

Dear Friends

by manager

Dear friends,

Some of you have already heard that we received some sad news on our son yesterday. He was severely injured in an IED explosion while on patrol in Now Zad, Afghanistan. He has been moved to a hospital in Germany and will soon be transported most likely to Bethesda in Maryland by Friday. His vitals are good for now but unfortunately he has had his left leg amputated below the knee and his right leg amputated above the knee. Dale, Carolyn and I will be leaving either tomorrow or Friday to meet him there.

We are overwhelmed by the love, prayers and support of family and friends from coast to coast. So many people have asked what they can do and for now your prayers are much appreciated. We will try to keep everyone updated on his condition as we hear of it.


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