Some Thoughts, Matthew's Funeral

by dale

We have been thinking about alternatives for flowers at the funeral. We would rather make an immediate difference that would directly help other military families in distress and great sorrow. When a terrible event happens to a soldier or Marine the families are thrown in tumoil in so many ways - It's hard to deal with job issues, travel, room, and board, etc. Our family directly benefited from some of these and I can tell you they really are fantastic. We would like to have people donate to these very worthy causes instead of buying flowers, which although they are beautiful, will only last a few days. Each of these really step up to the plate and make a differance.

This one is extremely helpful for the wounded indiviual and when the family needs to get to their wounded soldier or Marine. They were there very quickly when our family was in great distress.

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

This one is so great. At six or seven military medical facilities these houses (donated by the Fisher Family) provide free imediate housing for the family. They are very nice, clean, and really well run and maintained with a warm and comfortable environment for families in great distress. They have volenteers making meals and making sure things go smoothly.

Fisher House

This one takes care of the families and medical transition needs.

Wounded Warrior Project

Please consider these options to show your support and to make a difference.

Thank You,


Funeral Arrangements for Matthew

by claudia

Matthew will be flown home on a military plane on Thursday, July 16, escorted by the Marines and his father.

The time for the funeral Mass has not been set but we have the date set for Monday, July 20.

Time and date for the Rosary have not been set yet.

Funeral home:

Cornwell Colonial Chapel

29222 SW Town Center Loop East

Wilsonville, OR 97070

(503) 682-1177


Church of the Ressurrection - Roman Catholic Church

21060 SW Stafford Road

Tualatin, OR 97062

(503) 638-1579


Willamette National Cemetary

11800 SE Mt. Scott Blvd.

Happy Valley, OR 97086

(503) 273-5250

July 10, 2009

by the lembkes

Where do we begin...? This has been a day like no other. We have lost our son and brother too soon. He walked early, talked early and now he has left us early. We have been so blessed to have the support and prayers of so many. We want everyone to know that all of our - and your - prayers have not been in vain; we will always treasure these 15 days that we have been with him, to comfort Matt and each other. Thank you and God bless.

With love,

the Lembkes

Oregon Local News - July 10, 2009

by manager

7/9/09 Update

by carolyn

I feel so blessed with the amount of love, support and prayers going out for Matt right now. I'm having a difficult time putting into words exactly what I want to tell everyone. As of yesterday, Matt has taken a turn for the worse with an infection that the staff is trying desperately to keep under control. We have to keep the faith right now and trust in God that He has a plan. My parents and I will be camping out in the ICU waiting room this evening so that we won't be far from his side. They are keeping him comfortable with pain meds and I don't believe that he is in pain.

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